Friday, March 15, 2013

Sit Down

I'll sing myself to sleep 
A song from the darkest hour 
Secrets I can't keep 
Inside of the day 
Swing from high to deep 
Extremes of sweet and sour 
Hope that God exists 
I hope I pray 

Drawn by the undertow 
My life is out of control 
I believe this wave will bear my weight 
So let it flow 

Now I'm relieved to hear 
That you've been to some far out places 
It's hard to carry on when you feel all alone 
Now I've swung back down again 
It's worse than it was before 
If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor 

Those who feel the breath of sadness 
Sit down next to me 
Those who find they're touched by madness 
Sit down next to me 
Those who find themselves ridiculous 
Sit down next to me 
Love, in fear, in hate, in tears 

Oh sit down 
Sit down next to me 
Sit down, down, down, down, down 
In sympathy