Friday, February 01, 2013

TBLA(extra): "the separation of sex from the procreation and nurture of children"

This is just a link to Andrew Brown's latest article, as he - as so often - 'gets it': "If they were prepared to argue in favour of properly recognised, blessed and celebrated civil partnerships, there would be a much stronger case for keeping traditional marriage separate. But that would require the social approval and even the sanctification of some sexual relations outside marriage. This, in turn, requires the separation of sex from the procreation and nurture of children. Catholics can't do that, at least for the next couple of centuries, because they have been committed to the position that God planned the plumbing. But Anglicans, or Protestants generally, can take a broader view of sex. They can see it is something which is a good in itself, within permanent, faithful, stable relationships. This is a conservative position, but it is not necessarily hostile to gay people."

(I do occasionally wonder if he reads my blog...)

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  1. I would have thought it was biology, rather than theology, that keep sex and procreation together, but this should affect our thinking about 'sexual relationships', especially where, in effect, they are not.


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