Monday, November 05, 2012

If I had a vote on women bishops I would vote against

I wrote about this fairly extensively here, and my views haven't changed; instead they have hardened. I see all the political manoeuvrings as confirmation of our spiritual bankruptcy. Shame on us.

(Again, for the record, I'm in favour of a full acceptance of women to every order of ministry. God doesn't care whether the wobbly bits are above or below the waist, he looks at the heart.)


  1. I have wobbly bits both above AND below the waist. Do I qualify?!? ;-)

  2. Why against, rather than abstaining?

  3. Against, because I believe the measure is based on a wrong premise; we need to formally bring the 'period of reception' to a close, ie stop having flying bishops, before then moving onto consecrating women (IMHO!)


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