Monday, July 04, 2011

I'm still standing

Various bloggers taking a break.

My plans are the opposite.

I have various thoughts about where I want to take this main blog: it will continue on the autobiographical/ ministerial/ theological ramblings, but is likely to be a little sharper and (from September) more regular. I feel as if I've been retreating for quite some time, and now discover that my back is to the wall. So the only way is forwards. Onwards and up 'em.

My political stuff - which needs cordoning off in order to preserve polite relations with my friends - is here, and my plan is to write something considered once a week, most probably on Friday mornings.

My published articles (still Courier for now) are archived here - updated approximately once a fortnight.

Sermons and other talks will be posted here episodically.

They all have RSS feeds, please do subscribe...


  1. I was expecting your political blog to be filled with angsty dilemmas over being forced to choose between Michele Bachmann and Palin. Two hot in-an-aging-librarian-way women who are completely insane. Just your type !

  2. Bachmann! No, not a glimmer of interest. If there was no Palin I'd be following Katy Perry. I mean Rick Perry...
    (PS MP, even though I'm a Palin fan your recent cartoons have been very funny)


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