Saturday, January 15, 2011

PS3 Notes

It occurs to me that, just as I use the blog as a way of listing the films that I watch (watched the A-Team last night - much, much better than I expected, will probably end up being one of my favourites of the year) so too should I keep track of the games that I play on the PS3 - many fewer than the films as they take much longer to play! So I'll probably do this once or twice a year. It also lets me watch films in blu-ray...

So since getting the PS3 last summer, I have played through:
BioShock 2 - possibly not quite as good as #1 but my favourite game so far (and what I bought the PS3 for)
Arkham Asylum - stopped before the end, got bored with it, far too linear
Heavy Rain - very very interesting, the shape of things to come
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - quite fun
Red Dead Redemption - very interesting, but the last third was not quite up to the standard of the earlier elements. Great if you like Westerns (which I do)
And I am about to finish Dead Space, which I'm enjoying, but it's not a patch on Bioshock.

I suspect that what novels were to the 19th century, and movies were to the 20th, games will be to the 21st.


  1. Man I hope not... My 5 year old screemed and cried for an hour over the weekend because we wouldn't let him play Wii (even though he had played for a couple hours earlier in te day). Normally I wouldn't let that happen, but I was really curious to know how long he could keep it up for. The wife and I kept looking at eachother, laughing non-vocally in amazement.

    An hour, he kept it up for a solid hour before finally waring down. I can't imagine kids ever doing that over books.

  2. I have another game recommendation for you (my first was Dragon Age) : Dishonored. The game is set in a city completely powered by ever scarcer Whale Oil, a city also hit by a rat plague and policed by the Overseers - a religious organization dedicated to hunting witchcraft.

    Sounds like your cup of tea.


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