Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Film notes

Up in the Air: very enjoyable, moving, satisfyingly ambivalent ending 4.5/5
Slumdog Millionaire: wow! 5/5
Saw VI: I am a completist; I like the premise but not the execution (at least watching it at home meant I could fast forward certain sequences). 3/5


  1. Slumdog was a bit disappointing for me, after all the hype.

  2. Slumdog was amazing! I was in India shortly after I watched it and spent some time in the slums there. The film captured reality really well in that regard. I asked some Indian friends I made out there what they thought of the film and they all said how realistic it was (they all worked in the slums).

  3. So glad to hear you liked Slumdog (at last). (BTW Byron I saw it minus any hype - I went into it without even being aware of the film other than the cinema posters a few days before.)

    Premise without execution ... is exactly how I saw "Inception" and "Avatar" .... now "Sex in the City 2" ... now that was good. Be interested to hear your take.

  4. My take or Sam's?

    It's been a while since I saw it, but I saw it at an overpriced mainstream cinema (which always puts me in a bad mood) and felt that while it had some great sequences, and moments of emotional impact, overall it was fairly predictable and the female lead was given a fairly passive role. I had more thoughts at the time, but can't remember much of the detail now. Some of it may have been down to a bad mood going into it.

  5. Not to shift gears completely, but would you care to put up a blog post on the Bishop of Rome's visit to Albion's isle?


  6. Chris, why not follow Ship of Fools' hilarious Twitter feed for the latest Pope-in-UK news?

  7. I don't do twitter.

    Only rarely do I do Youtube (as in: I can count the number of times on one hand.)

    I come to Sam's blog for various reasons and, given that he's a C of E rector, I thought he might have something worth reading.

  8. Chris, I will post something brief, probably later today. BTW we have your mum coming for lunch tomorrow!


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