Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby update

More positive news: baby girl is now fully unplugged from tubes etc. TBTG.


  1. PTL, glad to hear that. Congratulations, what a sweetie!

  2. Great news. Praying that she continues to improve. Love the photo.

  3. Congratulations, Sam and Rolanda!

    (On the grim/amusing side, you can expect to be visited by the population police any day now. As the father of 5 boys, I've been getting strange looks and comments since #3 was born.)

    If I may hijack your blog for just this one post, may I invite your commentors to come up with witty repartie for when the comments do come? Here are some, for starters:

    'You must really have your hands full' ---"No, just one hand", or "So,yours are empty?"

    'Needed the balance, two and two?' "No, just love my wife".

    'Are you going to get fixed?' "In case you're not paying attention, the equipment's not broken".

    'How can you afford that many children on what we pay a parson?' "God does my books!"

    I will pray an upcoming Holy Hour for you and yours. Congratulations again.

    Chris Garton-Zavesky (still on the left coast)


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