Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Another look at climate sensitivity
Chronology of the death of Jesus, Mark vs John
See, Peak Oil is already having a bad impact. One day everyone will realise.
America, the fragile empire.
Ten reasons why churches stall


  1. Still relying on a weather reporter for your climate science? Does he have a university degree? Not that this is decisive, but it is still relevant.

  2. Um... it was a guest post from Willis Eschenbach, not Watts himself. Though, for all I know, Eschenbach has no scientific qualifications whatsoever. I liked the post because it summed up a particular perspective, and I put the link on here because it's actually quicker for me to find a link that way...
    (I'm still exercising something of a voluntary purdah on agw comments myself, mainly because they tend to generate more heat than light - and I'm definitely seeking the light!)

  3. Fair enough. Just saying that Watt's site is not necessarily a great source for light. Peace.


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