Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nazir-Ali channels MacIntyre

"I am conscious that if present trends continue, we need another strategy... [as] in the last Dark Age, when Christian communities preserved the Gospel learning, and a kind of humanism, so that there were lights in the darkness. I think it would be wise for the churches also to build strong moral and spiritual communities that can survive and flourish in the darkness, and indeed attract other people to themselves. That's the way I have begun to think."
I happen to agree completely with that. It's why I'm going to be emphasising St Benedict over the coming year...


  1. The last Dark Age?
    When was that then?

  2. "That's the way I have begun to think".
    Oh, right, unlike his carefree, giddy liberal past!(Along with his RC past, then AFTER being overlooked for Canterbury,his AC/RC future.)
    Nazir-Ali's heart is in the right place on this issue but his clumsy & ill-thought pronouncements on Islam and his campaign against Rowan Williams don't commend him as an unbiased commentator. Let's hope he is as scathing of the Vatican hierarchy as he is of everyone else.

    Also, MadPriest is right, in historical terms. "The Dark Ages" is a clumsy term, (they won't like that in Rome!)


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