Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Government incompetence #3,491: motorcycle tests

In their infinite wisdom, the government decided to change how motorcycle testing was carried out. Partly this was in response to EU legislation, which mandates a particular test needing to be carried out at 31mph (because of course the EU runs on kph). So part of the test - supposed to represent urban conditions - requires the trainee motorcyclist to break the law in order to pass. I kid you not.

Turns out that MPs agree that it's a shambles.

I'm one of the people affected - to take my practical test (two parts) I'd have to do an hour and a half's journey to Bury St Edmunds just to get started. Under the previous regime I'd only have to do the twenty minutes into Colchester - and the Colchester training sites all seem to have shut down. Good old government - more bureaucracy, less jobs, less happiness all around. Nice one.

I think that - along with thousands of other people - I'm going to stick to my L plates for some time to come.


  1. When I did my test the test centre was 10 minutes from home. And the training centre was 5 minutes away. 6 months later, new students would need to travel 90 minutes to the nearest test centre. How you're supposed to practise there I've no idea. Or indeed get the bike there for the test itself. Nightmare. Glad I got it over with before the idiocy began.

  2. I take it you'll be voting UKIP then?

  3. UKIP? Well I'm certainly less pro-EU than I once was. I'm not sure withdrawal is possible. If there was a turquoise party I'd vote for that one ;)


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