Monday, February 15, 2010

Scarborough fair

Well that was fun, what a lovely bunch of people. I suspect I might have found my "tribe" - ie people who don't think I'm just a trendy vicar ;)
I'll put the audio of my talk, and some notes, on to my other blog later today.


  1. Yeah, nice people. Did you meet Ruth Jarman?

  2. Yes I did - but didn't mention that I knew you. (Was I meant to??!)

  3. Found your input very thought provoking, thank you for taking the time to travel up for weekend. My first time meeting up with the group too, and enjoyed the time together.

    Saw this quote in the Matthew Parris column in the Times this week about a Leonard Cohen concert,"I clapped my hands with pleasure at this line in Cohen’s chat to his audience about the meaning of life. “I’ve studied the world’s great religions,” he says — then pauses.
    “But cheerfulness kept breaking through.”

    Thought you might like it.


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