Monday, February 08, 2010

I have a new favourite hymn

(to go with a large collection of favourite hymns)

We had it as our post-communion hymn yesterday, and it worked really well.


  1. the whole communion service was great yesterday Sam thanks be to God Lis

  2. I've already said it. SDR

  3. Do you mean recessional, or part of the communion rite? (Appropriate that the captcha for this was "chant")

  4. Not the recessional; after the distribution when I'm doing the washing up we sing a hymn in a more meditative fashion with people still sitting down. Which I think is called the 'post-communion'...?

    BTW don't misunderstand this, but I had the most bizarre dream involving you last night ;-)

  5. OK, thanks for the clarification. We have some hymns while the distribution and then washing up is going on, fading to one or two Taizé chants that can be repeated. After those hymns we sit in corporate silence which I view as the conclusion of the communion rite, with the post-communion beginning with the prayer that follows. Just a different way of looking at things, I guess.

    Er … do I want to know about the dream? Was I writing bizarre blog posts? … oh … no that's what I do in the real world


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