Monday, January 25, 2010

The world doesn't care if your marriage succeeds

For the last several years in my marriage classes I say to the couples 'the world doesn't care if your marriage succeeds' (and the church does, and we can help it succeed etc). Now there is graphic evidence:


  1. For a while, on my commute to work (Colchester to Chelmsford) I used to see an advert which said "Married... but want more?". It was for a company called Illicit Liaisons or something simlar, I don't really want to advertise the website here.

    It did quite disturb me but fortunately it didn't last longer than about a week.

    I don't understand why the ASA don't uphold it as being immoral - you'd think by the stink the media make every time a politician (etc) gets caught in adultery that people would actually care about this sort of thing.

  2. Interesting too, the fact that it's specifically aimed at women.

  3. I wonder what a humanist would say about this?

  4. ha-ha. Well, ha-ha... Do you think logic allows for that?

    I'm pretty sure the question would be dismissed.


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