Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A technical note (Firefox / Sage)

Just to say that my version of Firefox has started to display some very odd symptoms and quirks, not the least of which is that the SageToo addon that I use to read blogs has vanished from the surface (eg browser bar). The 'innards' are still there, eg the list of bookmarks, which I'm currently using, imperfectly, to keep up with what I read but it is all very annoying. I'm pretty sure that the problem is that the version of Firefox I have (the latest) is not compatible with some of the older add-ons - and I don't want to uninstall this version, reinstalling an earlier one, because I will lose the RSS feeds that I have accumulated!

I'm exploring the GoogleReader system, which has some advantages, but isn't as good as Sage. Ho hum.

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