Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So: yesterday I got a CROS hearing aid, from the lovely people at Addenbrooke's (though, as always, it was a bit hellish to get there).
I put it through its paces pretty quickly, and it was quite a remarkable feeling to know what someone to my immediate left was saying. It's not quite as useful in a social (ie noisy) setting as I had hoped - people with only one hearing ear lack the capacity to discriminate voices in that context, and the hearing aid doesn't change it - but it does make a difference, and in other settings, eg PCC meetings, it will be a real boon. I can tell already that I feel more confident in those contexts. Next step - wearing it whilst taking a service this morning.
By the way - it's worth mentioning - I was getting a bit fed up with my hearing last year, and I did offer up some fervent prayers for it to be fixed. So I do see this as an answered prayer, and a miracle, even if it is all completely scientific!

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