Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My AGW posts

This is an index of my posts on AGW, for ease of access.

A summary of where I'm coming from
Climate change is a secondary issue
Two steps towards climate change scepticism (when my thoughts were still in flux)
Why am I an AGW sceptic?
The historic link between CO2 and temperature
Something brief on AGW
Some thoughts on climate change and Peak Oil
My first stirrings of scepticism in 2006

And some broader posts to put that scepticism into context (the important thing is that I very much accept and endorse the broader Limits to Growth argument):
Babylon at the gates
That time has come and gone my friend
Why bother saving the planet?

For a full exposition of my point of view on all this go to my talks (which will hopefully become a book before too long).

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