Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some links

John Hobbins starting to look at human sexuality and the image of God, which is relevant to the marriage question (I'll be returning to that soon).
Bishop Alan on the media; loved this "one message to angry vicars who feel misrepresented becomes “Forget Fleet Street. It simply doesn’t matter any more." The Trafigura fuss brings home part of that point.
Joe the Evangelist on Mission and Worship (I disagree with Joe, but I'll write separately about that).
Dave Keen links to this interesting polemic against celebrity culture. I think the rant is against a symptom rather than the cause though (the cause being, IMHO, the collapse of virtue diagnosed by MacIntyre).
BNP supporters are planning a bombing campaign, allegedly (h/t Chelmsford Anglican Mainstream).
Some gorgeous Rachmaninoff (I recommend checking that site regularly to get a fix of the heavenly).
Bishop Peter Selby on the Anglican shenanigans: "Protestations of our opposition to homophobia will count for little in an environment where our representative actions speak far louder than our words." (h/t Wounded Bird)
Finally, for Al: one sense in which I am most certainly a liberal - and I should add, if home-ed becomes illegal, it's one of the few things that would persuade dearly beloved to emigrate to the States (something I ponder regularly).

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