Monday, August 10, 2009

Honest Scrap

Peter Kirk tagged me with this, "I’m supposed to tell you 10 HONEST things about myself and then nominate 7 other blogs that I think deserve to receive the Honest Scrap Award."

Hey, everything I write on here is honest! (Some of it is scrap without the s too ;) And I've done this sort of thing before... So this'll be brief, and I'm not going to tag anyone else.

1. I'm completely deaf in my left ear since birth.
2. I'm learning to sail.
3. I'm going on sabbatical this autumn, hoping to finish my LUBH book, and do some more sailing.
4. I grew up on a houseboat about ten miles up river from where I am now.
5. I'm married with three kids, a dog and a parrot.
6. I'm in therapy, which is a good thing.
7. I'm really enjoying learning to ride a motorbike.
8. I have permission from my Bishop to stop doing some of the things that I have been doing, because even he now thinks I've been doing too much!!!
9. I haven't blogged properly (or sung the Eucharistic prayer) since early May (let the reader understand). I expect this psychological blockage to ease during the sabbatical.
10. I am writing this using a new computer but my old (and very mucky) keyboard, because the shape of the keys on the new keyboard is slightly and annoyingly different. Time to invest in a keyboard cleaner.

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