Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awful day

Got up with all sorts of good intentions as I was beginning to feel normal again - even managed to take Ollie for a walk for the first time since Sunday morning - but then discovered that my computer was going wrong, in that I was immediately logged off as soon as I entered Windows XP. I have since spent almost all day trying to fix it, going to the extreme of installing Ubuntu (which, frankly, is easy to put on to the PC and then absolutely awful to try and run anything on, or connect to the internet, so I'm giving up on that idea) only to find, after trying a complete re-install of WinXP that my hard disk is non-functioning. All that the machine can cope with now is Ubuntu run from the CD-Rom.

One bit of good news - I've got all my files backed up. What's going to be a pain is re-establishing all my settings on a new PC. Still, for now I can steal my wife's as she's not going to be needing it for a week or two. And I might just be tempted to upgrade my system....

Not a nice way to spend a day (but thanks to PB for some key assistance half way through).

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