Thursday, January 01, 2009

So that was 2008

I took up riding a motorbike.

I qualified as a 'day skipper' for my sailing.

I was trained and commissioned into a specialist ministry in the church.

I attended my first (and possibly last) 'New Wine' conference.

I was mentioned in Private Eye (I'll write an update on that in the next few days).

I began the 'Reasonable Atheism' sequence here.

I had 'the best summer holiday ever' (that's according to my wife).

I gave up tea.

I then got ill, again, and haven't been able to shake off the bug even yet. I can't remember feeling really well for a long time, and it's beginning to affect my work.

I had a premonition about where I shall be going after Mersea; I don't know if it's a true premonition or not, but it has already changed a lot of things in me (might do a separate post on that).

I became a fan of Sarah Palin; I stopped being a 9/11 sceptic; I became more of a global warming sceptic.

I stopped 'The Learning Church' (for now) but began 'The Learning Supper' which seems to be going well, despite incorporating me singing rock songs.

I didn't get very far with writing my book and, because I can't properly see what the problem is, I start receiving psychotherapy in about ten days time.

I watched lots of films, some of which were of high quality: The Lives of Others, Once, Wall-E, Black Heart Moan, Pan's Labyrinth; I also watched a fair number of serials, especially Battlestar Galactica, which is just marvellous. I didn't read as many books as last year - though I did manage (mostly) to read the Bible every day. My resolution this year (that was last year's) is to read more books and read fewer blogs.

I took lots more pictures - if you like them, I'd strongly recommend looking at my flickr page, which has them all gathered together (and more than get published on the blog).

Previous years: 2005, 2006, 2007.

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