Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meme on 'why do clergy blog?'

Via Jon.

1. Why do you blog?
Answered here.

2. What do you blog?
Photos of the beach; various theological topics - presently arguing with atheists; indulging my Sarah Palin obsession; short film reviews, lots of random stuff especially if it involves general geekery.

3. When do you blog? (Is it every day, once a month etc)
I tend to post a picture of the beach every morning, and then something else whenever I get the chance.

4. Where do you blog? (From home, office, anywhere)
From my study.

5. Who are you blogging for? (Your intended audience)
See #1.

6. Do you publicise your blogs?
Not really. There's a link from the parish website.

7. Do you check your blogs for comments? if yes - do you find the comments helpful?
Don't really understand this question - comments get sent directly to my e-mail account, so I 'check' them whenever I check my e-mail. And I find all comments wonderful, even the ones that call me rude names.

8. By blogging Sermons etc - do you feel that this makes the time spent in preparation more worthwhile by being able to reproduce it and hopefully to wider audience?
I have blogged a few sermons, when I've felt there was a particular point in them worth sharing, but I've gone off the idea as I don't feel sermons translate very well into the different medium of blogging. These days I'd just tend to extract whatever I thought the interesting idea was and write it up differently. This may happen more in future as we have changed how we are doing house groups in the parish, and I plan to produce more detailed notes. Haven't had a chance to do much of that yet...

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