Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unbelievable allegations about J Mark Brewer of BPLaw (Brewer and Pritchard)

"Looking through the paperwork from the so called Bankruptcy case involving St Stephen the Great, and more particularly SSG Ltd we have the following conundrum. J Mark Brewer is chair of the trustees of St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust - a body that has the same charity and business number as SSG Ltd that he is trying to make bankrupt through the US Courts. J Mark Brewer is also a director of ENC Shop Management, Chichester Shop Management Company and Durham Cathedral Shop Management Company. J Mark Brewer is a partner in Brewer and Pritchard P.C. Brewer and Pritchard's address is 3 Riverway, Suite 1800, Houston. So is a strange charity called Orthodox Christian Mission Fund... So Mark Brewer is also behind the Orthodox Christian Mission Fund...

According to the documents given to the courts in Houston Texas, SSG Ltd owes Brewer and Pritchard $56,694.98 and owes Orthodox Christian Mission Fund $494,097.55. If we add the $75,000 retainer Mark Brewer has agreed to, Mark Brewer, as trustee of SSG Ltd, owes himself, or his own companies, $625,792.53."

This is the context for USDAW taking him to court. Ho hum. They're also trying to take various Sheffield people to court, including someone I was at Westcott with...

Found here.

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