Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPCK/SSG - for beginners

For those unaware of what has been going on with SPCK bookshops, this is a collection of links which should bring you up to speed.

SPCK bookshops were last year sold to St Stephen the Great charity - based in Texas, supposedly Orthodox.

For various reasons the SPCK shops have been allowed to run down, many of them closed.

The union USDAW is taking SSG to court over various alleged malpractices.

The manager of the SPCK shop in Worcester committed suicide because of all the stresses.

SSG - as a UK charity! - have sought bankruptcy protection in the US; I understand our Charity Commission are investigating them.

An Essex cartoonist/blogger named Dave Walker - who is currently 'cartoonist in residence' at the Lambeth conference - reported consistently on the above for a period of 18 months. Last week he was threatened with a 'cease and desist' order by SSG (a man named J Mark Brewer) and he took down some 75 posts on his blog about the SPCK.

And this is where I came in - I thought this was unjust - so I recopied some of Dave's posts on to my blog, was also served a 'cease and desist' order by Mr Brewer, but I've published it all here:

This is a list of all the bloggers who've been supporting Dave:

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