Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One movie

Ben Myers is starting up another meme, this one on movies, and he's invited contributions:

1. One movie that made you laugh
Bachelor Party

2. One movie that made you cry
The Pursuit of Happyness

3. One movie you loved when you were a child
Star Wars

4. One movie you’ve seen more than once
Blade Runner

5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it
Daredevil (Director's Cut)

6. One movie you hated

7. One movie that scared you
An American Werewolf in London, when I first watched it

8. One movie that bored you

9. One movie that made you happy
Iron Man

10. One movie that made you miserable

11. One movie you weren’t brave enough to see
The Descent

12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with
Anna Scott in Notting Hill

13. The last movie you saw
Music and Lyrics

14. The next movie you hope to see
Speed Racer

I tag: Tom, Paul, Jon, Tim and Joe

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