Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Peak Oil posts

A pamphlet summarising how I believe the church should respond to Peak Oil is available as a .pdf file here. That is probably the best place to begin.

My most substantial exploration of the topic is in my 'Let us be Human' material; that link will take you to a collection of transcripts and audio recordings of the original lecture series I gave to my church community here exploring the issue (there is also a video of the last lecture which summarises the argument). I very much hope to complete the work of turning this material into a publishable book this autumn when I am on sabbatical.

These are a variety of other posts that I have written exploring the phenomenon of Peak Oil from various angles:

My first post was The Great Dislocation which summarises the issue.

Pledges describes some of what we need to do about it.

Prophecy and Peak Oil is drawing on Walter Brueggemann to start exploring a theological response.

Misplacing the Apocalypse is a theological critique of the 'doomers'.

SUV Spirituality is a cultural critique of mindless consumerism.

A Fully Wired Future describes why I'm optimistic.

What I'm optimistic about describes my optimism about the church and the economic future.

Review of Economist article on Peak Oil points out how useless The Economist is.

It's the secondary effects, stupid describes what I am most worried about.

The Holiness of Stuart Staniford describes what I admire about the intellectual exploration of Peak Oil.

Loose Tappets gives an image describing why some people just don't 'get it'.

Why I'm worried about Natural Gas looks at the precarious nature of gas supplies to the UK over a 10-15 year time frame.


  1. For example, the link to the peak oil pamphlet in your 2008 page here: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/work_of_the_diocese/doc_lib/JS09PeakOil.pdf is broken...


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