Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About Elizaphanian (with Index of posts)

Why Elizaphanian? Well...

When I got my first independent e-mail address it was with hotmail (still used) and all the obvious 'Sam Norton @...' addresses had been taken. So I got out the good book and opened it at the Old Testament and read this. I thought it sort of fitted me, so I added the 'ian' at the end to indicate a likeness.

The real me is the Rector of West Mersea, Essex, England - along with three neighbouring parishes. It's very close to where I grew up, and I'm very proud of being an Essex boy. I'm married with kids; a bit of an ageing libertarian-conservative-hippy hairy biker but principally an orthodox Christian trying, failing, and trying again to live out the faith. I like beer and wine, sailing, walking the dog on the beach, reading to the kids, all the usual stuff. I am also a bit fanatical about Chelsea FC but try not to mention that too often.

This blog is my penseive, the place where I think out loud about whatever is on my mind at the time. Sometimes I will take an idea, run with it, argue for it and end up rejecting it. Othertimes the idea sticks. Time will tell, so: don't take any one post too seriously! Please note that my quest for Truth borders on the pathological. Also, please note that articles linked are not necessarily representative of my own views. I link to what makes me think and I am often more stimulated by something that I don't agree with. If you must know, I believe (beyond the obvious) in human flourishing and human freedom - in that order.

I will often put up TBTMs or TBTEs - these stand for The Beach This Morning/Evening. Highlights can be found on my flickr page.

I also use it to list the films I watch - mostly junk, but I flatter myself with the ability to recognise the occasional diamond when it crosses my path.

An explanation of the subtitle of the blog is here.

This is an index of some of the main themes of my writing on this blog:

Click here for my talks about Christianity and Peak Oil - if I have anything of value to say to the world, it's contained here.

Autobiographical (what this blog is mainly about)

My Testimony

The colour of my shirt

The Old Testament Heart

Guarding the Holy Fire

Workload, priorities, vocation

Laying George Herbert to rest

Ride out!

I confess

Why I blog

Inertia, theoria, blogging

Dust and Bones

Prayer and grief

Watching the tide come in

Rage and comic book heroes

Socrates or Jesus?

Scripture, Evangelicalism, Liberalism, Fundamentalism

What I think about the Bible

My talks on evangelicalism

Anglican liberalism and the interpretation of Scripture

The Authority of Scripture

A bit more on Scripture

Some thoughts about evangelism

Why I hate fundamentalism

Getting personal with fundamentalism

On the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

Not by our own feelings (criticism of 'conversion')

Catholicism trumps Liberalism

My posts on atheism

Church-related writings

Reflecting on the Incarnation

Tearing down the curtain

Why liturgy?

Excrement smeared across a church wall

Leaving Satan behind

Music in worship


What I'm optimistic about


What do I mean when I talk about 'God'?


On Intelligent Design

On Miracles

Only love can believe

Why I love Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein and Radical Orthodoxy

Wittgenstein, Plato and Pickstock: The Sense of Relgious Language

Whose wrath?

Peak Oil related

The Great Dislocation


Prophecy and Peak Oil

Misplacing the Apocalypse

SUV Spirituality

A Fully Wired Future

What I'm optimistic about

Review of Economist article on Peak Oil

It's the secondary effects, stupid

The Holiness of Stuart Staniford

Gandalf, Gunpowder and Neil Gaiman's cats

Scandalous subjects

Scandalous Cartoons

Sin City

On Divorce

On Homosexuality

Why I am a Conservative

My posts on Obama

My posts on Palin

Wrestling with violence

Ante-bellum thoughts on Iraq

Continuing to wrestle with violence

Sam, Sam, pick up thi musket

The non-violent image

Non-violence from a different angle

Metaphysics (including the Metaphysics of Quality)
Introducing the MoQ

A Christian interpretation of the MoQ

The question of character

The Eudaimonic MoQ

The Religion of Metaphysics

The Grammar of Salvation

Wittgenstein's Mystical Method

Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Love

On Religious Experience

The Mythology of Science

The apathistic stance

Parfit, Persons and Integrity


  1. Just found your blog. Have you published the Peak Oil book yet? Please respond to my email if possible:



  2. You used to bully me at school. You and a lot of other people in our year at Bishop's Stortford College used to take great delight in making my life utter hell. And now you're a priest! Ha! You were a nasty evil bastard.


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