Friday, November 30, 2007

They will know we are Christians...

Let me begin by telling a little story.

Back in the dark days of 1995 (for more detail see here) I started to attend a church on Sunday in a serious fashion - for the first time. I had attended a few times mid-week, when I could be safely unknown and anonymous, but attending on Sunday had that combination of desire and fear that all wallflowers are familiar with.

Anyhow, first Sunday there - attended the service - wander through to the teas'n'coffees - take up traditional wallflower position. And one man came across to say hello. Very warm, very open, very affirming. I've often thought that if that one man hadn't been so good to me I wouldn't have continued to attend the church, I wouldn't have continued to explore my vocation in such a positive and enthusiastic way. He was a real man of God for me and a great help. Of course I got to know him a bit better while I was at the church, though I haven't spoken to him for rather a long time. He's a busy man, you see (the church is on display in the lower picture there).

Now - why am I telling you all this? Because some of the nutters are now having a real go at him. Which tells me all I need to know.

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