Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Dave Walker puts his finger on it once more.

Got me to thinking about what a difficult job Bishops do, and what I think about situations like this. Seems to me that:

- part of the definition of accepting Bishops is accepting their eucharistic ministry;
- rejecting the administration of communion whilst accepting ordination from the same bishop tells of an utterly bankrupt understanding of the sacraments;
- if this is rejected then pretty much the whole structure of Anglicanism is rejected. So why stay?

If you haven't got an idea what I'm talking about then a) you're a lucky person, and b) you can go here for the story.

UPDATE: John Richardson always writes stimulating stuff (that means: he's got a very well thought through position that I often disagree with!), but this post is excellent, and worthy of much pondering.

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