Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Amen brother! You preach it!

"Consumers demand options, but this poses a problem. Formation into the likeness of Christ is not accomplished by always getting what we want. In ages past, choice was not heralded as a Christian's right. In fact, relinquishing our choices by submitting to a spiritual mentor or community was prerequisite to growth in Christ. Believers were guided through formative and corrective disciplines—most being activities we would never choose if left to our desires. But surrendering control ensured we received what we needed to mature in Christ, not simply what we wanted."

Found here, via here.

In a strange mood - possibly helped by a large glass of red wine to my right and the awareness of two days off kicking in. Having a weekend is transforming my life - the most notable difference is a general calmness and a much happier wife! But it's allowing more things to come through that would previously have been smothered - an admission which is itself a little bit damning. "Incumbency drives out priesthood" once more.

Lots and lots of things flowing through my mind. There might be a biggie post tomorrow. But the thing is that I'm really in a very mellow frame of mind, and I don't think it's the wine....

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