Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where am I supposed to be?

Had a very interesting chat with my spiritual director yesterday, who put me on the spot with a few questions, one of which was pushing me about whether I ought to be in a parish at all, or whether I should head off and do theological education full time. This is something that several people who know me well quiz me about on a regular basis. For now, I can't see that I'm in the wrong place (this post explains why I don't want to be an "academic", and still holds true; this post is more specific about why I abandoned the PhD at Cambridge). Yet I do get tempted, eg when I have a very enjoyable evening at one of the colleges, or I read this, or when I look at this course in particular...

I think it'll all settle down before long. I think I've just been grumpy from lack of sleep and a bad back!

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