Friday, February 09, 2007


So over the side I slowly went down
A hundred below, the sea water brown
Well after an hour, I got low on air
When I surfaced again, his boat wasn't there

My marker buoy had come untied
And drifted away, his boat at it's side
He looked at his watch, three miles to the south
And turned back again, his heart in his mouth...

Was there ever a reel, a rod or a line
So strong and true? So straight or fine?
That tied around him, through time and space
he came out of the darkness, right to that place.

Now we don't talk much, about that day
Got two kids of my own now, and one on the way
And if they're to grow, and if they're to thrive
One day they'll go, one day they'll dive.

And when they come up for light and air
I hope someone's close, I hope someone's there.

(Extracts from a Show of Hands song that blew me away the other night. Stunningly good. It's on their latest album)

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