Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yes it's too late baby now it's too late, though we really did try to make it...

A simple thought: the time to act to pre-empt all the various catastrophes looming was in the 1970's - after the publication of things like Silent Spring and the original Limits to Growth report.

There is nothing that we can now do to prevent hitting the wall. The issue is no longer that of trying to prevent what is coming (and therefore appealing to people in this way - "do this because it will save the world", which is wrong on all sorts of levels). The issue is about building arks - sowing the seeds that will flourish after the fire has burned away most of the above ground foliage. That is the pitch now: do this, because this will survive the coming catastrophe. Be a part of the future. Do not be a part of the time that is passing. Be a part of the wave of the future. Reach out to future generations; be one of those remembered with gratitude. Unlike Tony Blair. Idiot.

As I say: a simple thought.

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