Thursday, January 11, 2007

A surprising amount of movement

Beyond even this, our geographical and archaeological investigations have shown that the Christian religion is highly culturally conditioned, and the advent of historical criticism of the Biblical texts has shown the evolution of belief in Jesus as the Christ. In sum, the traditional Christian claims concerning the uniqueness, centrality and divinity of Jesus have been deconstructed. In the form that they have existed, from c.100AD through to c.1750 AD, they are no longer tenable. Using the language of idolatry, the Christian church has been progressively stripped of its attachment to idols, the idols of institutional authority and rational primacy. Instead of seeking certainty in God, the Church has succumbed to the desire to find certainty in worldly matters, in dogmas and institutions. In this situation there is a classic Christian course that the Church must follow. It must confess its sin, repent, and turn around once more, demonstrating through a renewed commitment to the life shown in Christ that it can truly incarnate the love of God that was demonstrated in Jesus. If it does not, the judgement that God has already shown upon it will prove terminal.

I wrote that a little while before I was first ordained. It's intriguing just how far I have come (I came in through the liberal door). Sentences two and three I now find quite shocking. The rest I still agree with, pretty much.

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