Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rev Sam's cheerful contemplations

Nuclear power is problematic, for all sorts of reasons.

But coal power is MUCH, MUCH worse, in every respect except the economic.

Which means, of course, that coal power will be the way that the world chooses to develop (eg China building a new coal power plant each week).

Faced with a choice between revolution and global warming, most authorities will choose the latter.

It's called sailing by the prevailing wind.

The only way this might be changed is by changing the prevailing winds - ie changing people's attitudes.

Which is my job, I guess. (Not mine alone, thank the Lord).

What's really cheerful is the sense that the only thing that will preserve human civilisation in the long term is a major civilisation-threatening war in the short to medium term.

Ah! I knew that they were acting under divine guidance!

Bring out the bombs! Dr Strangelove, now is your time!

UPDATE: even when there is a will, there's a vested interest standing in your way - see here.

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