Monday, November 06, 2006

A little bit about Ted Haggard (updated)

You probably already know all the details of this story.

But have a read of his own statement. Which is profoundly sad. Not least the thought of having his sin dealt with harshly, which doesn't quite fit with how I understand the role of pastor or spiritual director (it might do, but I suspect it won't in practice, fit. I don't quite know what it means to deal with sin harshly. We deal with people, not abstract concepts. Nobody has been more wounded by the sin than Haggard himself - that's what sin is).

I thought this was to the point, linking the process with Greek tragedy.

This also seemed to have the ring of truth.

And *Christopher talks sense (not a surprise).

I think the only healing can come from following (as ever) James Alison's advice.

Why are we so hung up about sex, when - if we read Scripture - it doesn't register on the highest levels of God's own priorities? It's the gnostics (as MadPriest often argues...)

One confession - a guilty secret - I laughed out loud at this, which was profoundly uncharitable of me.

UPDATE: just discovered this, which is marvellous. I've added him to my blogroll. (Follow the links to his two other essays).

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