Monday, November 13, 2006

Heat (George Monbiot)

This was very good, and an excellent complement to The Last Generation. The basic argument is that it is possible to have civilisation more-or-less as we know it, coupled with a rapid (<20yr) 90% cut in carbon emissions. I'm persuaded that this is, in principle, true. I also think that Monbiot's conclusion is more important than anything else: that the principal change needed is within us, we need to wean ourselves away from this way of life. Let us be human!

I'm wondering about some 'pledges' that might be made. The first and clearest might be: I shall never board an aeroplane again. The second might be: I shall never enter a supermarket again (ie big out of town thing - not sure the local co-op counts). On this latter, I was most struck by the figures for electricity use in supermarkets, and the way in which shifting to a delivery system (whereby the superstores become warehouses) is part of the solution. So: walking into a Tesco store (even if you haven't driven there!) is part of the problem, due to the phenomenal profligacy of the store itself. But having Tesco stuff delivered to your home - this might effect a 70% reduction in traffic, leaving aside anything else. (As long as you don't then buy lots of stuff flown in from the other side of the world. Actually, you should just use it for bulk goods; veg etc should be locally grown.)


"Prevent Global Warming! Get Tesco to offer Free Home Delivery"

Do you think it's a runner?

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