Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buffy (original movie)

I'm starting to become a bit of a fan of the series (came via Firefly; I've now watched series one, and have purchased series 2) so I used the Sky+ to watch this. (Sky+ is dead handy. I know Murdoch is an evil capitalist, but it's not news to me that I'm morally compromised in this way. It's part of the same territory as being a Chelsea supporter).

Anyhow, the film was crap. Lots of good actors displaying a complete incapacity to act; Sutherland and Hauer slumming it; Hilary Swank - who I first saw in Million Dollar Baby last year - was unrecognisable as a talent and - was that Ben Affleck in one scene? Amazing. It takes a seriously awful director to take such marvellous material and produce such a steaming pile.

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