Saturday, September 16, 2006

Down Mexico Way

Down Mexico Way, by William S. Lind: "Down Mexico Way"

I'm paying a lot of attention to Mexico at the moment. Well, 'a lot' means I've read a few articles with more than usual interest in the last couple of weeks - don't have any time for 'a lot' to mean much more than that :(

Anyhow, lots of the MSM are covering the political difficulties, but the MSM are ignoring the impact of oil decline. Go here for The Oil Drum's discussion of Cantarell, which is Mexico's principal oilfield, and which is facing *annual* declines of anything up to 40% per year. See also Khebab's discussion of Mexico's export capacity. To use the cliche-du-jour this has all the makings of a perfect storm, with very large implications for Mexico's northern neighbour.

BTW I wrote this before fully reading the Lind article. Erk. Not sure a President Buchanan is quite what the world needs; which isn't to say that it won't happen. Events, dear boy, events!

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