Monday, August 28, 2006


What might it look like, this building of human life around the dream of Jesus? An answer to that question can only be the merest sketch, for the reality of it will depend upon a million individual decisions, and certainly there can be no prescription for the Kingdom of God. Yet it seems clear to me that it represents a different utopia, of fraternity and friendship, of camaraderie and common purpose, a perpetual challenge to the values and virtues on which we have constructed our present existence...

Our story is just beginning. We know what we need to do to bring forward the Kingdom of God, and include all of humanity in our common endeavour. What we lack is the motivation. Yet perhaps now that the distractions of theological armageddon can be put to one side, we can concentrate on making the world a better place. We have the time, we have the capability.

Our story is just beginning.

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