Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Before I say goodbye

In Remarks on Colour, §317, Wittgenstein writes: “When someone who believes in God looks around him and asks 'Where did everything that I see come from?' 'Where did everything come from?', he is not asking for a (causal) explanation; and the point of his question is that it is the expression of such a request. Thus, he is expressing an attitude towards all explanations. —But how is this shown in his life? It is the attitude that takes a particular matter seriously, but then at a particular point doesn't take it seriously after all, and declares that something else is even more serious. Someone may for instance say it's a very grave matter that such and such a man should have died before he could complete a certain piece of work; and yet, in another sense, this is not what matters. At this point one uses the words 'in a deeper sense.'”

This is something that I would like to have read at my funeral.

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