Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Essex

Originally posted 2006...

I am an Essex boy, born and bred.

Essex has a population of around 1.3m. If it was a state in the US it would lie 40 out of 50, in other words, bigger than Maine, New Hampshire, Montana or Alaska.

It has a GDP of £15bn. That makes it bigger than, for example, Latvia or Bolivia, which have UN representation, and about the same size as Vermont or Wyoming.

All those places carry certain responsibilities. They can elect their governments. They have their own legal systems. They can control their own affairs.

We can't. We're going to end up being controlled by a Scot.

This does not seem just to me.


  1. You are absolutely right, Sam. You should not be ruled by Scots. You should, as no doubt you are fully aware being an educated man, be ruled from Bamburgh, the capital city of Northumbria, the original and true kingdom in these isles and the birthplace of civilisation. And, when King Oswald and his knights awake from their slumbers beneath the Cheviot, you will be.

  2. There are plenty of Scots who feel the same way and would rather see the back of you. ;-)

    They seem a little more organised than you guys and had their own king a little more recently.

    And Sydney has a GDP of about US$213 billion and a population of 4.5 million but is ruled by Canberra, which is less than a tenth of its size.

    What is it that makes a political entity?


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