Monday, July 24, 2006

Evangelical heresies

The Fire and the Rose: Anti-American Superman?

"I will keep saying it until I have no more reason to: Evangelicals are propagating more heresies today than in any other era of the church. These include a Pelagian doctrine of salvation, a unitarian doctrine of God, a docetic christology and Bible, a gnostic doctrine of eschatology, and a Constantinian doctrine of church-state relations—which, by the way, was what led the German church to support Hitler. Do I really need to unpack these in more detail? I am afraid that I will have to, since I doubt most realize how much the American evangelical sector has capitulated to these grave heresies and called it 'a personal relationship with Jesus.'"

(HT Byron)

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  1. Today's far right political conservative "Christian's" are as scary to me as how African American's have been mis-treated for so long; as what Hitler's messages to the masses did to start WW2. They seem to have ventured so far off the path, they are lost. They may talk the talk, but 'most' of them do not walk the walk.


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