Saturday, July 08, 2006

Avoidance and procrastination

I am presently avoiding writing a sermon; my mind doesn't have enough energy to engage the issues - might have to be a 'get-up-early-and-rely-on-the-adrenaline' sort of sermon.

Had a lovely afternoon with a family from the parish that we are friendly with. One of those occasions when the question is 'is this work?' Of course, the answer is: clergy don't 'work'. We simply are.

Lots of blog posts rumbling around in the back of my mind, but haven't had a chance to put anything up substantial:
- picking up on Neil's comment about Sola Scriptura, and secularisation;
- a review of Daniel Quinn's 'Story of B', which was very interesting, but seriously flawed in its understanding of faith (the mistakes are instructive);
- a bit more on 'let us be human';
- a sequence of posts called 'Wrestling with George Herbert' about clergy roles (expanding my throw away remark above);
- Why I love Wittgenstein;
- why I disapprove of the feast of Corpus Christi;
and one or two less well defined others.

And I thought I'd share this picture taken today. Apparently I look just like my dad.

I love this place.
I love this job.
I love my family.
I am a lucky man.

Thanks be to God.

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