Thursday, June 29, 2006

Four Tough Questions

Get Religion has offered a very interesting Four Tough Questions, with a view to discerning whether someone is a liberal or conservative.

(1) Are biblical accounts of the resurrection of Jesus accurate? Was this a real — even if mysterious — event in real time? Did it really happen?

SN: Yes. Tho' there is room for a much longer answer clearing up ambiguities.

(2) Is salvation found through Jesus Christ, alone? Is Jesus the Way or a way?

SN: Yes - but I don't think they have to call Jesus BY that name (see here)

(3) Is sex outside of the Sacrament of Marriage a sin? The key word is sin.

SN: Yes, but I don't see it as necessarily grievous, especially compared to the sin that we are all saturated in.

(4) Should Anglican leaders ban the worship, by name, of other gods at their altars?

SN: Absolutely! It boggles the mind that this is even a question.

[You can tell that I am catching up on my blogroll today - nice way to spend the morning of my day off :o) ]

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