Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm annoyed

I'm annoyed because I have become persuaded, very reluctantly, and slowly and against my habitual will... I have become persuaded that the attacks on 9/11 were not perpetrated by Osama Bin Laden, but were instead perpetrated by actors on the inside of the US government.

And it's annoying because just writing that sentence makes me feel like an absolute lunatic. I feel I've just stepped outside of the acceptable bounds of social discourse; I'm no longer a reasonable person. Everything I now say and think will be tainted by a sense of 'oh yeah, he's that guy who thinks Dick Cheney blew up the twin towers...' - and thus my 'voice' is eclipsed.

And it's annoying because I supported the attack on Iraq, and now I wonder 'have I been had?'

Yet you have to pursue the truth, whatever the temper.

This line of thought was prompted by viewing this video, kindly linked for me by Sven, although it had been building for a while. Too many unanswered questions, which need answering....

UPDATE: for what it's worth, I no longer believe this :)

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