Sunday, January 01, 2006

So that was 2005

The year I discovered blogging.

I gave up the ghost at - MD Discuss - after about four years of way too much conversation about small things, and the occasional biggie. Blogging seems to cater to my need to communicate my perspective, and now if I want to be unambiguously Christian I just can be, and I don't need to worry about whether it is appropriate for the forum.

Gave up Fantasy Football after nearly ten years. I'm now just processing transfers for the lads.

Also gave up the Economist, but... I've started up a new subscription from January. (This Peak Oil stuff has switched me back onto politics.)

Oh yes, it was also the year I twigged Peak Oil.

Theologically, started to explore Girardian perspectives seriously. Also loosened up in terms of music style in worship (tho' I'm still an AngloCatholic devotee of sung liturgy at heart).

Honeymoon in the parish came to an end, but I look back on 2005 as a year of really solid progress, on various fronts.

Also started to pay close attention to Islam and the <Islamists.

First year for quite a while without major bereavements close by. Family life has definitely settled into a new shape, much calmer and more settled.

Put on weight.

Drank too much.

Enjoyed watching all these (amongst other things not worth mentioning):
Babette's Feast; Intacto; Breaking the Waves; The Village; Sideways; Seven Samurai; House of Sand and Fog; Saw; Powannaqatsi
Alias (series one and two); Firefly; Battlestar Galactica(S1); Six Feet Under (S1&2); 24 (S1&2)
(all on DVD)
Batman Begins; Serenity; Million Dollar Baby; Sin City; Crash (possibly best film overall) - all at the cinema, where I travelled to much less frequently than in the past (courtesy of some upgraded equipment at home and my LoveFilm account....)

Went on Clergy Leadership Programme, which was positive.

Changed Spiritual Director.

Preached 93 sermons within the benefice.

Took 31 funerals (less than normal - impact of having an extra member of staff, who is great :o)

Took five lovely people through the confirmation process.

About ten weddings; similar number of baptisms.

Read loads of books, which I can't now enumerate (some will get reviews).

Also enjoying Y: The Last Man

Settled into the Learning Church process, which I am really enjoying, and seems to be productive. (Need to catch up on that blogging-wise and website wise)

Also settled in to priestly role more, especially as Spiritual Director - finding that side of the work profoundly satisfying.

And I went with my friends to China and Mongolia. That was fabulous, thoroughly rewarding and worthwhile. Thanks, lads.

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