Monday, January 02, 2006


I have found the Yahoo Group 'RunningOnEmpty2' rather useful over the last few weeks - seems to have an outstanding moderator in Robert Waldrop, whose motto I shamelessly cribbed for a recent post. But religion being the problematic topic that it is, there was a request for a separate Yahoo Group to look at religious aspects of Peak Oil. So I've set one up, described as follows:

"A group designed to look at theological aspects of Peak Oil, in particular insights that might be gleaned from the main Christian traditions.

Members should have a) some familiarity with what Peak Oil means, and b) some familiarity with the mainstream of Christian theological thinking. Devotees of fundamentalist 'end-time' theologies, eg the Left Behind series, are unlikely to find the discussion congenial."

Described that way to try and inhibit the scary fringes of fundamentalism.

If you're interested, click below to join, or sign up with your e-mail address on the sidebar of this blog.

Click here to join RunningOnEmpty-Theology
Click to join RunningOnEmpty-Theology

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