Monday, January 09, 2006

Learning Church update

I was very pleased with the response to the Learning Church session on Peak Oil, which went very well - standing room only at the back!!

I've set up a website with some links, including one to download my powerpoint presentation here.

I've also taken the opportunity to update the links for MS Word files on the talks last autumn - three on St Paul, three on mysticism (including Julian of Norwich) and one each on the four gospels. At some point I'll get round to doing the webpages for those as well. Link to the Learning Church homepage is here.

The Autumn season went well, on the whole. I was most pleased with the sessions on Julian and John's gospel; least happy with Luke's gospel.

Forthcoming highlights - I'm about to start a sequence covering three of my favourite theologians: Girard, Hauerwas, Milbank. From then through to May we'll be covering the creed, other faiths and fundamentalism. Should be fun.

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