Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good intentions

As we're all on the Road to Hell anyway, I thought I'd share some good intentions.

1. I will tidy my study more than once a month.
2. I will exercise more and lose weight.
3. I will use the car less.
4. I will write a review of every book that I read on my blog. (That'll make a big difference to how I read them!)
5. I will write properly on my book. A book. Any book!
6. I will try to stop worrying about Peak Oil and learn to love growing my own vegetables.
7. I will get to Morning Prayer more than ten minutes in advance.
8. I will take up a new hobby - electronics.
9. I will, at all times, pursue the flow.
10. And I shall exercise my sense of humour more than once every day.

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