Friday, November 04, 2005

The pastoral is trumps

Recently had to take a very sad funeral, and the request came in for Henry Scott-Holland.

I have problems with the Scott-Holland reading. In the context in which it was used it was specifically describing a non-Christian attitude, and it is non-Christian because it is non-true. Death is not nothing at all, death is horrible and maiming, particularly in a context like this.

I suggested a reading from Lamentations instead, but this caused great distress to one member of the family. So what to do? Insist on something Christian, or accept the heresy being read in church?

The pastoral is always trumps for me. It leaves me with an unquiet conscience, but rather that than increasing the already great distress amongst those grieving.

If only I knew of something "secular" that wasn't so wrong. Anyone have suggestions?

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